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Christine Poller

Christine Poller


Registered Hypnotherapist


The healing of the mind and body in a spiritual caring way.


Qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Diplomas in:- Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). and Theta Healing.


I am accredited and registered with:
• The Australian Hypnotherapy Association.
• The Psychotherapist and Counselling Federation of Australia.
• The Australian Association of professional Hypnotherapist and N.L.P. Practitioners Inc.

I first completed my counseling training with “The Australian Institute of professional Counselors”

I furthered my experience as a voluntary telephone Counselor for “Life Line Australia” I am on a continual journey of self discovery learning knew skills to enrich my own life and the lives of my clients.

My approach is holistic…working with
the mind, body and soul as one, believing that the person is not the disease. The disease is a symptom of the problem. I love my work and it gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to be able to help people to find their own potential and to overcome their issues and problems. It gives me even greater satisfaction when the methods I am using are so effective, quite often the issue which had affected the client for a long time, (in some cases many years) are often resolved in a few sessions.

My focus is total dedication to work with compassion and empathy at all times. I approach my work from a place of spiritual and intuitive healing, using the very best of my skills and abilities incorporating various techniques.

Each client is unique I use which ever method is most suitable and effective for the client and their needs, one of the most important criteria is the client’s wishes which must be respected at all times.

For example, I may think that the solution to the client’s issue may lie in the past and the best solution would be a hypnoanalytical technique called Past life Regression. But if the client is uncomfortable with using this process, I will respect their wishes, knowing that, there are other techniques, I can use and still achieve the desired results.

I feel that it is imperative for the client to feel both safe and respected. When clients arrive for their appointment, quite often
their experience of main stream medicine is a feeling that their needs and opinions have not been validated leaving them feeling dissatisfied and abandoned.

In complete contrast to mainstream therapy, when a client chooses to seek out Hypnosis as their preferred treatment, they each take an active role in their therapy and
the therapy is personalised exactly to their needs, this creates a positive environment where changes can be quickly and safely achieved.




SURGERY -07 5545 1869. A/H -07 5545 0941. MOB -0414 554 317.


A female client. “Feeling frustrated and disillusioned with conventional therapy”.
Just a quick email to let you know how I got on after my last treatment with you which I think is now 2 weeks ago. After about two days of seeing you I had absolutely non of the symptoms I had for the month prior to seeing you. I am back to my normal self, fit, happy and healthy and enormously grateful to you.Next time before I spend $1000 on every medical test known to man I will be paying you a visit. At least I know I am physically and emotionally completely healthy. Over the next 6 months I have a lot of things I need to achieve so it is highly possible I will be paying you just to help me along the way.Thanks again for putting me on the path to good health and reminding me of the mind, body, spirit connection.

A client from Dallas,Texas. “Needing answers to free her self to be the person she was meant to be”.
Dear ChristineI wanted to take the time to formally thank you for your time. I found that your style was perfectly suited to assist me on several issues requiring Clinical Hypnotherapy. Your willingness to meet my schedule and adapt to my style in order to reprogram past negative thought patterns, is further indication of your compassion, and genuine concern for the welfare of your clients. During our sessions we addressed much more than what I originally anticipated: covering many areas that lay dormant in me for years. You have shown me that a person need not remain trapped in their own programming. Overcoming negative conditioning can be achieved. In loving and non-threatening manner, with total effectiveness. I would recommend you whole heartedly to anyone seeking freedom to become the person they were born to be. Whether the issues are known or unknown, you have proven what a valuable tool hypnotherapy can be, no matter what limiting issues appear to be in ones life…Again, it is with my deepest thanks and love for all that you have done…and more importantly for all that you are.

A female client. “Physical problems caused by emotional issues”.
I just wanted to say , it’s people like you who can make a moment in a persons life feel so special. “if I feel this much better in 3 weeks, after treatment, soon I’ll be able to do anything. Thanks so much.

A male client. “Struggling to move forward in His life”
I just wanted to say a big delightful thank you to you Christine for your sincere and genuine uplifting experience I encountered through the Hypnotherapy session. Each day after, I noticed an increase in a profound sense of clarity in my decision making and with which also washed to my action taking. This was an area where I had always fallen short of the mark, the area of decision through a lack of insight or confusion in the process of clear thoughts.
I can not express enough the wondrous feelings I now have, and exhibit through everyday events. You have enabled me to break down barriers, without really having to identify
them; to me personally this is quite miraculous. I am truly grateful for our pathways in life crossing and for what you have bestowed upon me with love and passion through your work. I am eternally thankful and blessed to have met you Christine..

A female client “Phobia of flying”
Dear Christine I came to you for a hypnotherapy session as I was due to fly to the UK, in a few days time. I had become terrified of flying and felt panicky with just the thought of being in such an enclosed environment, knowing that I couldn’t just get off the plain, like a bus. Prior to coming to you, I used to get very sweaty palms ect; just looking at a plane that flew over or a plane on tv.After my visit with you, I could watch a plane with no reaction. In fact I started to feel quite excited about the whole journey. Came the time to be at the airport, I still felt calm and slightly excited just as you said I would. I was not nervous, even waiting to take off.I can honestly say that I enjoyed both the flight there and back, despite meeting quite a bit of turbulence on one part of the journey. Thank you so much.

A female client with “Emotional issues”.
When I first arrive for my first session with Christine I felt a mixture of apprehension and excitement. I was excited that I had finally found someone who could help me release my pain and nervous and about where it would take me, and what it would reveal.Our first session put me at ease and made me feel safe and comfortable. It reassured me that I could handle what ever came up and deal with what ever was necessary.
Our second session took me to the heart of me troubles and helped me release them in a positive and liberating way. For many years I had tried this on many a conscious level, reading all the self help books I could get my hands on, it was stressful, very time consuming, nothing had really worked.
At the end of this second session, I finally felt free and at peace and ready to discover who I really am.
Apart from a few tears, I never once felt uneasy or afraid. It was the most liberating freeing experience …a total release. It actually amazed me how the sub-conscious mind works and responds, while at the same time feeling that I still had complete control.I feel so positive about this experience and my results from it, that I am going to take my young daughter, as I know only good can come from it for her too.

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