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About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is essentially a model for running your own brain, in effect a ‘users manual’ to your mind. NLP offers not only a vast amount of theoretical knowledge about human functioning and information gathering, it also provides us with a set of tools and processes to create changes within ourselves and others.

NLP explains how we process information that comes into the mind from the outside world via our senses, the things we see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Once that information enters the mind our personality style, our values and beliefs, our memories and decisions, filters it. That information then gets generalised, distorted and a lot of it gets deleted. So the internal representatiion of what we experience is not the same as the actual experience.

Hence the old saying “We only see what we want to see”. Once the process of creating an internal representation is complete this inaccurate representation is what we base our sebsequent beliefs, attitudes and behaviour on. We can then evaluate our experience via internal dialogue, the things we say to ourselves. This can lead to inappropriate responses that infuence our lives negatively. Once we understand this process it is easier to change those internal representations to ones that invoke positive reasponses.

Another aspect of NLP is that of modelling. We can establish what a person is doing inside their mind as they perform a given task as well as what they value and believe to be true. We can also observe and compare their current behaviour with the behaviour of a person successfully performing the desired behaviour (Eg. sales, relationships etc). Once the disfunctional parts of the behaviour are identified we can implant the successful behaviour in its place. This results in the client achieving similar results to the successful person.

The NLP tools can be used for

  • Improving relationships
  • Disempowering fears and phobias
  • Removing unwanted habits or behaviours
  • Removing the effects of traumatic events in the past
  • Enhancing business skills
  • Public speaking
  • Sports enhancement
  • Therapy for personal issues
  • NLP coaching
  • Sales performance
  • Self improvement
  • Etc.