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Lorna Bukkland

Practitioner Profile

Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta

Registration Registered Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

•NLP Certified Trainings – Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels
•Corporate Communication Solutions
•LAB Profiling – ‘Words That Change Minds’ Trainings
•One to One Coaching and therapy Sessions
•Master practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
•’The Key To Designing Your Destiny™’ Weekend Workshop
•Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely – workshop
•Rewarding Relationship Workshops


•Certificate 1V workplace training – University of Victoria
•NLP Trainer – NeuroSemantics; ISNS – NSTT, ABNLP
•Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ –
TLTA AssocMaster •Practitioner of NLP – AND – ABNLP
•Clinical Hypnotherapist – AND – ABH, AAPHAN
Neurosemantics – •Meta Coach™ – ACMC
•LAB Profile Trainer – Success Strategies (Shelle Rose Charvet)
•NBI™ Practitioner – Neethling Brain Institiute (Whole brain Thinking)
•EFT Practitioner
•Alpha practitionerImage, Colour and Style Analyst & Consultant AICI


Lorna has 30 years experience working in her own businesses, excelling in customer service relationships, coaching people on a personal level, and 20 years working with human behaviours, cognitive Behaviours, and Neuro-Semantic sciences of how the mind and body work together, how we are programmed and how to reprogram the areas that are not working successfully for you. Lorna has been studying in sciences of the mind, for 18 years, and training her knowledge to others for over 12 years.

Lorna holds regular Internationally recognized certified trainings in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level, and LAB Profiling.Also trainings of 3 day introduction to NLP workshops,and a 5 day ‘Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely’ workshop which is a blend of NLP, Neurosemantics, Matrix and time Line.

Lorna has been holding her successful weekend workshop ‘The Key To Designing Your Destiny™’ for the last 12 years and has many interstate participants take part in this magnificent weekend of discovering self, and creating changes that enhance your success.Lorna’s expertise is designing specific workshops for your individual needs, of your company or in personal life. Lorna specialises in designing programs to specifically meet your individual challenges and requirements in Business. Customer service, Relationship skills for more effective and successful communication.

Lorna has trained with many internationally recognized trainers in these fields, which gives her the expertise of creating from her vast knowledge, a uniqueness in her trainings that blends the models seamlessly, to make a unique difference.

Lorna is the only accredited trainer in Australia of the LAB (Learning and Behaviour) Profile system, using the advanced Meta-Program system for motivational and working traits, to match the right person for the position in the company or for personal direction.

Through the use of the world class Neuro-Semantics, classic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Whole brain Thinking, LAB Profile System, Time Line therapy™, and Coaching based techniques, you will experience how you can communicate more successfully and effectively in all areas of your life.

Lorna has her own training facility 15 minutes from the Brisbane CBD with relaxing tropical Gardens, and Free Parking, providing a safe environment for their workshops where they have a focussed approach, with accountability, creativity and deep caring where they will assist you to achieve your results, and release or manage your paradigms and limiting beliefs.


Wakerley, Brisbane
(20 mins from CBD & Airport, 5mins from Gateway)


07 3907 0366 or 1300 306 803


Go to these links for more testimonials

• I did a lot of research before attending your NLP certification training, I really liked the format of it being over 4 months which gave me time to process and gain an understanding of all of the intense information, before layering on with the next module. I have seen many who have been overwhelmed with the accelerated trainings and the separate modules were more work friendly for me. I will be highly recommending your trainings to everyone, it has been the most professional training I have ever attended, and the most I have ever learnt and grown from. Thankyou Lorna – Marilyn. Brisbane. 2007

• Thankyou Lorna for sharing your vast experience and knowledge with us at the NLP Practitioner, your support , tolerance of our differences and caring will last with me for ever, would highly recommend Lorna’s training. Rosslyn. Brisbane. 2007

• Christmas last year, and for many years prior to that, at our company break up I allowed my manager to speak and handout all staff recognitions and awards – Christmas 2004, I made all the speeches, recognitions, and handed out all the awards myself and I was completely confident and spoke more fluently. I completed this course in April 2004, and have gone ahead in leaps and bounds since then. I am now more often fluent than not, and every day I speak more freely. Don. Gold Coast. 2005

• At the age of 16, I was sexually abused by my boss in Country Victoria, being too frightened to say anything scared that I would not be believed because he was a successful business man in the town, I finally left my job to the disappointment of my family, who were unaware of the reason. I married which was not a successful relationship, where I was physically and verbally abused until I divorced 10 years later. Thanks to you and the wonderful work you are doing, I have now been in a successful relationship for 6 years and no longer have the fear that created my unsuccessful first marriage. I look back at who I was 7 years ago, I am so proud of who I have become and are today. Happiness is bliss for me. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, I will always appreciate what the Key means to me. Louise. Melbourne. 1999

• Coming from a medical background, with a Mum and Dad both being Doctors, I was a bit sceptical of these things. My friend did your course and because of the difference in him, I came along to your next one. I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for the weekend, and was able to learn things about myself that I had never acknowledged, complete the processes that gave me a freedom I had never experienced before. My Mum and Dad are impressed with all the positive changes in my life and have both now been recommending their clients to your seminar, and I really believe that they will both be doing it as soon as they can work a weekend free. No-one gets under my skin anymore.” Paul. Sydney. 2000

• I flew up from Melbourne to attend your weekend on the recommendation of my husband who did your fluency workshop. We have been trying to have a child now for over five years, after attending your weekend I worked on myself as I discovered that my thinking was contaminated from my past toxic family, the way I was thinking was preventing me from realising the opportunities and possibilities that I could have if I chose to think differently and not focus on what used to be. It is now 5 months since attending your weekend and my life
has changed for the better, and most of all I am now 10 weeks pregnant, we are ecstatic. I believe now that I can and I will be able to choose how I want my life to be in the future. God Bless you for the wonderful work you are doing for so many individuals in showing them how to be the best they can be. Jeanette. Melbourne. 2003

• Having a continuous turnover of staff my business was suffering, After engaging in Business and personal coaching with Lorna I recognised the reasons my staff were leaving. It is now two years since my business coaching program, I am enjoying having long term loyal staff, my business has improved 300% and I am getting 80% referrals from my clients.
Julie – Hairdresser .Melbourne. 2000

• I highly recommend the advanced
trainings in communication for all companies, whether they be large or a small business, since attending a training with Lorna I have noticed remarkable difference in personal attitudes of all the staff, making for a nicer place to work in, and better results being achieved on all levels. Rob – Engineering Consultancy. Brisbane. 2001

• Working in an engineering environment for most of my life, I have been amazed at the change in our environment between the engineers and the draughtsman since completing the training, there is also so much more respect between the CEO’s, management and contractors. I have personally achieved a much better understanding of individuals and their different communicating styles. I flew from Perth and it has been the most productive course I have done. Bruce. Perth. 2001

• Lorna did an entire evaluation of our business three months ago, giving us much needed feedback on our weaknesses and suggested how to create them becoming our strengths. We have implemented changes with our structure, staffing facilities, staff presentation and with our own office and filing systems. We are noticing the changes and the positive difference it is making. We are still making changes and implementing new structure, we are very happy with the progress and the improvement in out turn over. Lorna worked with us and assisted our company in putting into place systems that has allowed for more open and beneficial communications between the managers and staff in 2003. Our business is a much better place to work in and more welcoming for our clients. Our annual staff turnover that used to be 6 to 12, is now maybe 1 or 2. LAB Profiling has been the best for us.Tony – Wholesale business. Melbourne. Vic. 1999

• As I client of yours for eleven years, I had seen so many positive changes in you and your life and I wanted a bit of it too. Having immigrated to Australia at the age of 10, I never realised how much fear and resentment I had held at a sub-conscious level for so many years. Acknowledging, and clearing the negative emotions, I now feel so free inside of
me. I really loved your Meditation classes, and your Key To Designing Your Destiny seminar, these have made a difference in how I see myself and others at home and at work. I have changed my place of employment, have received a major promotion and wage rise and life is really good for me now. I feel great Thankyou.”2 years later: I am the happiest I have
ever been in my whole life, I have found my soul mate and just become engaged, Thankyou so much for the opportunity you presented to me, allowing me to create the life I had only dreamed of, before doing your seminar.Sue – Manager.
Melbourne. 2000.

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