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Stuart Walter

Practitioner Profile


Stuart Walter Stuart Walter
Registration Registered Hypnotherapist
Specialties Sports performance specialist, for fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes and teams.Individual treatments for life’s issues. Corporate relaxation and stress management. Improve personal performance in business.
“I specialise in tailoring a specific series of sessions designed for your particular needs, your dreams, your thoughts your comments and your outcomes go toward creating change  for your new life”.
Qualifications Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis- Hypnotherapy (AAPHAN)
Profile Vice President of AAPHAN 2013/14.
Stuart Walter ( is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who has a passion for working with elite athletes, ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals to help them recognise their potential of achieving amazing results.Stuart’s philosophy is simple; everyone already has the skills and the ability to achieve their dreams.  So what’s holding them back?  Generally, it’s fear and as a specialist in how the mind works, I empower the audience with the tools to help them succeed.
Anyone can enthuse a group by telling the right stories with the right anecdotes.  However, to truly inspire someone they need to uncover their own personal direction.  Stuart has the ability to help someone change their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs, in turn reshaping and creating a future they desire.Originally a National Sales Manager and elite Tae Kwon Do athlete, Stuart believes in the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.  Armed with the knowledge of what can be achieved with Hypnotherapy, Stuart achieved 40% growth per year over 10 years for the corporation he was working with.

Stuart uses this philosophy and hypnosis to help athletes, business owners and individuals understand how to gain clarity, vitality, the consistency and self-belief to be the best they can be and gain the results they desire.  He has the innate ability to connect with clients using fine-tuned processes applied in real situations that produces lasting transformational results.

To add to his practical experience Stuart is currently the Vice President of a National Hypnotherapy Association, is the CEO of Global Mind Mastery and is the Author and Creator of ‘The Dear Diary Process’ and the ‘Meta4Kids’ stories.

Stuart has been recognized as:
The leading hypnotherapist for the B105 Labby, Stav & Abby show.
Interviewed on 4BC, ‘The Project’ on channel 10, a regular in print media, Australia wide.
Stuart is also instrumental in assisting:

  • An anonymous international soccer striker exclusively in France
  • Brittany Broben’s (10m platform diving) Olympic Silver medal in the 2012 Olympics
  • Fiona Cullen, 2010 National 100m Sprint and Hurdle Champion
  • Swimmer Ben Carr and 21 other Australian World Champion down syndrome swimmers.
  • And a plethora of 26 world champions plus National, commonwealth and state champions that want to remain anonymous because of their success… and their secret is… Stuart!

Today, Stuart works with elite athletes, ambitious business professionals and leaders, and individuals who are searching for the best version of themselves!

Conducting regular corporate speaking gigs around the country and now internationally, Stuart is in regular demand because of results!

Contact Stuart on 1300 554 520 or via

Location Forest Lake, Brisbane
Tel: 1300 554 520

Testimonials My iron shots were the best I have EVER hit them, My tempo with the irons was great,
the full iron shots were absolutely great, So thanks!
Troy B.I found Stuart’s technique supports you in quickly shifting your state of consciousness
from holding you back to allowing freedom to move forward.
Leonie Feast, Natural Therapist, Sydney.

I was skeptical that I could be hypnotized. That doubt quickly evaporated, as you sent me into the deepest state of relaxation I have ever encountered!T Brown, Springwood QLDHe has a practical wise and proven formula for emotional and mental freedomto experience the joy and pleasure of VISION with CLARITY. I enjoyed his compassionate manner and experienced his integrity.
Leonie F

I would highly recommend Stuart for his professionalism, knowledge and industry associations, and the fact he takes what can be seen as a fairly “out there” experience in some people’s eyes and makes it a relaxed process with fantastic outcomes!
Tracey W

A great experience, life changing. It felt, relaxing, motivating, refreshing, inspirational and positive.
B Felcone, Westlake

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